Lonely Tree Watercolour: Inspired by Japan Prt II

I forgot to blog my Japanese painting. I finished it weeks ago and totally forgot to blog it. I did upload it to my facebook page however, and then forgot about it. How silly, particularly as I really enjoyed painting this one.

Anyway, this painting has been rendered solely using water colour paint on Aquarelle 10 x 7″  heavy weight water colour paper. It’s inspired by an 18th century Japanese woven priest’s mantle that is currently on display at the permanent  Japan exhibition at the V&A in London. Having always been very inspired by Japanese and Chinese art and craft since a student, and having spent countless hours and hours in the V&A, I have undertaken a project for the summer to create a series of paintings and artworks based on traditional Japanese art, including cloisonné work of which this is the second.

This painting will be on sale at some point soon and also available as a print. The scan is a little dark, it looks closer to the original in the photography. If you have never visited the V&A and/or the Japan and China exhibition there, I recommend you do so.

Japanese Weave Inspired Watercolour Painting - 2nd March

Japanese weave inspired water colour painting by Lorrie Whittington