April Blossom and Bosham

Our Cherry tree is in full bloom, pretty much a month early this year. For two weeks of every year the tree looks utterly glorious, and sports the most beautiful fat, gorgeous, blowsy blossoms, and every year I try and get some good shots.  Below are some I took yesterday on the first of the month.

Also, last Friday I went to Bosham with my friend Nicky. She took her Canon (analogue) I used took my 550D and my 50mm. I took some shots of the harbour and Church both inside and out, most of which can be viewed here on my facebook page. It was a fabulously warm day, though very hazy over the water, so didn’t get as many good shots as I wanted of the harbour as visibility wasn’t good. It was a really lovely day though, and we walked around the craft centre there, had a great lunch and took lots of pictures. The Church is lovely, as is Bosham itself, which is featured on the Bayeux tapestry as the place from where King Harold sailed to Normandy to treat with William. Also, King Canutes daughter is buried in the little Church. The best time to vist Bosham is during the week as it can get quite busy despite being quite tiny. It had been quiet a while since I visited despite it being so close,  I used to go a lot. The visit reminded me what I have been missing, so plan to go back soon.