The Sketchbook Project 2013

I recently signed up for the Art House Coops 2013 ‘Sketchbook Project‘. Only just in time though as sign ups have now closed and completed sketchbooks have to be postmarked January 15th. It took over three weeks for my sketchbook to arrive, so I was starting to worry that I may be cutting it a bit fine. However, it arrived a couple of days ago, and page one has been completed.
What’s it about? Well, the Sketchbook Project is an initiative by the Art House Coop of New York. Participants sign up, receive a sketchbook (for digitization you pay extra). You can choose what category you want to join.  The books are all uniform, and you are free to redecorate the covers, rebind etc. You complete the book, send it back, it then goes on tour all over the works, the US and ultimately is stored in the Brooklyn Library of New York.
SBP Pg.1
I had been meaning for the last couple of years to get involved. I am now really glad I finally got around it it. I will be scanning the cover, and all my pages. Then once completed, I will print a zine of it, which I may make available and post if off to New York.  If you want to follow my progress, I will be keeping charting it on Evernote.