My name is Lorrie,  I live with my family just outside Chichester in the UK in a busy village surrounded by the South Downs. We live just minutes from the beach, where we spend a lot of our time as a family. We enjoy being able to go to the beach whenever we like, collect shells, stones and swim.  It’s no coincidence that much of my art is influenced by the sea.

I am married to Luke who is an infrastructure specialist in the media industry, and comes from the Cape of South Africa. We met in 1998 when he arrived from SA, and married in 2002. We have been together now for 15 very happy and eventful years. In 2005 we gave birth to our beautiful and wonderful daughter Orla. Of all my creative endeavors, she is the one I am most proud of.

I originally come from Buckinghamshire (the home counties, north of London), which is a very beautiful and historic place. Growing up in Aylesbury I was very interested in music, as the place has always had a very strong independent music scene, and much of my youth was spent going to gigs, singing and playing in bands.

After leaving school I went to Amersham College of Art, did my A Levels, a Foundation course in Art and Design and also a Diploma in Art. I was very happy at this time as Amersham is a beautiful and ancient town surrounded by lovely countryside. I made some good friends there, and count some of my old tutors as my friends still.

After leaving Amersham College, I was accepted at East London University, originally to study Fashion and Textile design. I chose this subject as I had an interest in vintage couture, and my Grandmother had taught me to sew and embroider when I was very young. However, I transferred to Women’s Studies midway through my course as I became dissatisfied with my studies and the fashion design world in general. Though I do still have an interest in Haute Couture.

When I left University, I did a lot of unusual and diverse jobs as I wanted as many different experiences as possible, which included working for a ‘Whole Food Co-op’, making jewellery, driving a JCB and landscape gardening. But, despite all the diverse things I did, I continued to draw and create.

In the early 1990s I moved back to London and worked in the music business for a Record Company in their recording studio in the West end of London. This was an amazing experience, both good and bad. I met some fabulously talented and creative people, and I count this as one of the more ‘colourful’ periods of my life.

I left London eventually having decided I had had enough excitement, as I missed being in the country,  and so moved to the south coast. I went back to studying, gained some more qualifications and worked at a University for a few years in the International dept. This was a very rewarding part of my life, and where I met my husband. I also made some very good friends, including many of the students, whom I am still in touch with today.

At this time I also learned to play the flute, which I still enjoy doing,  though I don’t play quite as much now I have a family.

It was about a year after leaving the University that I decided to go back to freelance illustration and design on a full time basis, which brings me full circle. Here I am now 13 years later, very happily married, a beautiful daughter and doing the thing I love most, drawing, painting, taking photographs, and creating.

About my Art:

I specialise in illustration, painting and photography. The majority of my work is commission based for both private collections and commercial.

I have been working as a professional  freelancer for the past 30 years  in London and on the South Coast both part time and full time,  and selling my art online since 2000. My background also includes marketing,  project management, business training and experience (Post Grad Diploma and HNC).

Since graduating in the 1980s, I have exhibited all over the world and my work resides in many private collections, both in Europe, the US and South America. I have many artistic influences from the Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic, to the Post Modernist, and given my love of history,  my art is also deeply influenced by the iconography and art of the Celtic La Tene period.

I create the majority of my work in ink using micron pens and isograph pens and which incorporates cross hatching and stippling techniques, quite dark and detailed.  Much of my work is sketchbook based, and this is primarily for which I am fairly well known. I also enjoy enjoy creating abstract art, my work is easily recognisable for its bold colours, texture and patterns.

Editorial and Writing:

I have been involved with various editorial projects over the years, including UK Handmade, Creative Boom and Chichester Creative Network.

In 2012 with Stina Jones I founded, and am co-editor of ArtJunky.net,  a contributor based arts & design magazine, supporting artists, illustrators, painters, designers, photographers and those who specialise in artisan crafts.

ArtJunky seeks to give creatives of all ages, disciplines, emerging and established, a platform to showcase their work, profile new projects, design initiatives, techniques and tools of the trade.


Amersham College of Art
Foundation and Diploma in Art & Design

University of East London
BA, Fashion/Textile Design & Women’s Studies

Chichester College of Arts, Science and Technology
Post Grad Diploma and HNC, Business Administration and Business Studies

Exhibitions and Events:

Current/Forthcoming – News coming soon…

Past Events:

Twitter Art Exhibition
City Arts Factory, Orlando – March 20th to April 11th 2014

Inkygoodness Beermat Character Show
Coningsby Gallery 29th April to the 4th May, 2013
Tottenham Street

Pretty Scruffy Gallery Open Source Art Exhibition:
Pretty Scruffy Gallery
  14th October to the 7th November, 2011
Cooper Street

‘Sea Dreams’: Writers Retreat at Cobnor:
Writers Retreat‘ Friday August 26th – Sunday August 28th, 2011
Cobnor, West Sussex

‘Against the Tide’: Oxmarket Centre of Arts:
Oxmarket Centre of Arts  Friday, 13th June – Saturday, 25th June 2011
Chichester, West Sussex
A solo show entitled ‘Against the Tide’ featuring paintings and illustrations based around the sea and the flora and fauna contained within.

Commissions and Buying Art:

I am available for commission work on a selective basis. If you are interested in purchasing any of my drawings, paintings or prints, then please email me at: lorrie@illusiocreative.co.uk