Over Sunset and Seas I cast my voice,
to the four far corners I made my choice.
To heavenwards I raised my eyes,
as Apollos rays witness my demise.
Pulled from the earth I struggle and rage,
discordant and still my earthly cage.
Filled with gloom and pitched as night,
dour and dark filled an absence of light.
Fighting and screaming to be rid of the pain,
flying fast free through winds and rain.
Scouring the earth and straining my will,
shedding remains of a shadow that still,
chases relentless on a quest never done.
Times catches up but still I must run,
as the moon ever rises and the day is long,
to wander and thrill to the earths strange song…

July 2007

Never to old to Hurt

I look down deep to try to find
some compassion in an arid land,
and wondered if in my lonely soul
they might find their long lost role.
But welling up like a bubbling stream
pain and longing as a living dream,
my loss is so loud and ringing clear
profoundly shaken and clinging near
a child who wished she might be better
more loved and worthy, valued and clever.
Never more sadder and weary as dust
settles on hopes that turn to rust…

September 2007