A Woman’s Poem (written for a competition)

What it’s like to bear and suffer?
So hard it is to be a mother
Tired, fretful, anxious each day
Struggling, worrying her life away
Wonders still with little hope
How much longer able to cope
Sleep so little, and weary now
Lines forming upon her brow
Pensively waiting for a break
Some rest, peace, time to take
Her will, her deed, her precious dream
within her arms and make it mean..
Something real, proud and true
hers to cherish, and keep for you…

But most of us wait in vain,
Life is real and always the same
A woman’s heart is pure as gold,
It’s beat goes on but never grows old
The light burns still and will flicker
Happiness wanes when all do bicker
Of petty things not your fault
Heart soars and her mind will vault
To a place that’s quiet, filled with peace,
Love and happiness never cease
Someone loves you all the time,
Spared of rules, imagined crimes

She deserves more than this,
Gave her all and still will miss
Tenderness that’s rare indeed,
but takes a chance for her need
Love is the most important thing,
She keeps forgiving and giving in…

February 2008